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The importance of protecting the main water system with backflow prevention valves

Potable water from the mains supply may be subject to pollution caused mainly by the contaminated fluids flowing back from plumbing installations connected directly to the mains supply.

Reducing Valve 5350..H

Controlling the pressure of water supplied by the mains system is essential to guarantee the operation of domestic water distribution systems. Water is actually delivered by high-pressure public networks capable of satisfying all the demands made by various users. Read more

Caleffi chemical additives for efficient dirt separation over time

Water inside the heating system contains organic substances (such as bacteria and algae) and inorganic substances (such as sand, rust, welding residues).

Disinfection against the risk of Legionnaires’ disease

Our health depends on water. And if water isn’t safe, neither are our daily habits. It is a matter of responsibility and ethical choices. This is closely linked to the concept of taking care of ourselves and others. Read more